All imi-monyt stone panel surfaces in detail

decor 2000crushed stone grey
decor 2300crushed stone beige
decor 2400crushed stone black
decor 3100wide rippled white
decor 3200wide rippled anthracite
decor 3300wide rippled beige
decor 4200straight rippled anthracite
decor 4500straight rippled silver-grey
decor 7100 V1brick white
decor 7100 V2clinker white
decor 7600 V1brick red-brown
decor 7600 V2clinker red

Board in detail

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Bring cosiness in your rooms

The imi-monyt stone panels are hardly distinguishable from real stones.

This progression of our stone panels is even lighter and easier to handle. Fast wall fixing with acrylic glue and concealed fixing in the fold. The new plug-in system eliminates the consuming rework of the joints. This will save you a lot of time and you won’t need additional equipment. You save about € 26 / m² compared to panels without plug-in system.

The invisible fixation allows easy removel, for example at fairs or relocation. The panels with PU foam as base board are very lightweight, water repellent, diffusion-resistant and mildew resistant. The imi-monyt stone panels can be used, without any problem for indoor and roofed outdoor areas. The product is ecologically sound, has a heat and sound insulation effect, and is resistant to acid, salt water and industrial emissions. Approx. 0.5 sqm and about 2 kg per panel. You can choose between 14 decors. All dimensions are given in our processing notes.

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