imi surface design

Composite materials with designed surfaces. imi offers architects, interior designers and carpenters surfaces in concrete, rust, old wood, stone, metal and asphalt looks that are very suitable for design of walls, ceilings, floors or professional furniture and interior design. This is possible without requiring any consideration of the build, structural engineering, function or use. Give your creative ideas free rein without compromises.


imi is made in Germany.

Honourable mention - Red Dot Award 2024

Red Dot Award

imi-wave was honoured with the Red Dot award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024.

Every year, the highly regarded Red Dot Award: Product Design honours products that impress with their exceptionally high design quality, making it one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. The Red Dot Design Award looks back on almost 70 years of history: in 1955, a jury came together for the first time to assess the best designs of the time.


Product innovation


NEW in the range

Inspired by the typical herringbone look, this pattern offers a timeless elegance for the floor area and is also ideal as a tile backsplash in the wall area. Thanks to its durability, the imi-beton mat herringbone is a sustainable solution for individual room concepts.


Our surfaces

Since 2000, the imi surface design brand has been constantly providing new impulses and offers a wide range of qualitative and creative possibilities with its design surfaces.

From surface finishes in concrete, rust, metal and old timber to asphalt, monyt, sandstone, limestone and marble. For that special something, imi-wave is available - the 3D structure combines coolness and elegance.


Our applications

We have the right application for every purpose.

With the right accessories and edgeband material as well as the Plus, Flex, Outdoor, Acoustic, Mat and Facade product variants, imi offers the right solution for every application.
Where building materials cannot be used in their original form, or can only be used with great effort, we offer solutions to create a striking look and a variety of options.



We are users of the DNK - German Sustainability Code.

Benefits of the Code

  1. It supports organisations in establishing a sustainable development strategy and represents a way in to sustainability reporting. Regular reporting affords greater visibility as to how a company develops over time.

  2. It provides practical guidance on how to comply with the implement the German National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights.

  3. The Sustainability Code Office officially checks the declarations of conformity for completeness and provides user companies with professional feedback.

  4. The Code database is publicly accessible, which creates visibility. The published reports can then be compared with one another.

  5. The Code is a project of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) funded by the German Federal Chancellery.


Would you like to find out more about H. Schubert GmbH's reporting in accordance with the DNK? Then you can view the current DNK declaration here. Please note that the report is currently only available in German.

DNK-Bericht H. Schubert GmbH

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Design-Oberflächen für nachhaltige Anwendungen im Ladenbau

imi surface design liefert individuelle Lösungen


Mit dem Ladenbaukonzept für die Marke Nio, einem internationalen Hersteller für intelligente Elektrofahrzeuge, ist dem Planungsbüro genau diese Symbiose gelungen. Die großzügig geplanten Nio Houses,…


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About us

imi surface design - innovative building, furnishing and living.

Headquartered in Wettringen, Klein-Haddorf, since 1947, the company has consistently developed into a special operation for objects, furnishings and furniture. Modern machinery and the correspondingly trained specialists warrant timely performance with high craftsmanship.
In 2000, the company first presented a new innovative coating procedure for surfaces: imi-beton. Over the course of the years, the patented procedure was developed further and the product range increased. Since 2007, unique versions of imi products have been produced every day in the Bilk production site, securely packed and arranged for shipping around the globe.

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References say more than a thousand words

imi-beton Matte vintage standard in einer Wohnung verbaut
Private Residenz bei Augsburg
Thekenkorpus in imi-metal Kupfer
Bar Eduards Stuttgart Dittel Architekten
verschiedene Elemente aus imi-rost glatt und altholz grau gehackt
Deckena Wurst + Schinken-Manufaktur Norderney
Ein Raum mit imi-beton Matte augestattet
Haus Tjaden Traumwohnungen Norderney
 Ein Eingangsportal und Carport mit imi-beton Fassade verkleidet
Fassade Meppen imi-beton
 imi-beton Fassade vintage standard im imm cologne smart village
imm cologne smart Village
Ein Raumteiler aus imi-rost tief
Raumteiler imi-rost tief
imi-altholz eiche geplankt im Activity-Center Young-Ya-Building Hong-Kong
Activity Center Young Ya Building Hong-Kong
imi-rost tief im Restaurant Salin in Bad Reichenhall
Restaurant Salin Bad Reichenhall
imi-beton Fassade vintage mit beweglichen Elementen
Snackpoint Messe Essen Halle 6
imi-monyt-Steinpaneel Klinker rot im Wirtshaus Obernburg
Wirtshaus Obernburg
Wartehalle mit imi-beton vintage standard ausgestattet
Frisia-Terminal Norderney
imi-altholz dunkel gehackt imi Marstall Ludwigsburg
Marstall-Center Ludwigsburg