Marstall-Center Ludwigsburg

Just like in a modern horse stable!
With its splinter-free and non-flammable imi-altholz surface, the company imi staged the architectural interior design of the Marstallcenter of Ludwigsburg, referring to the historical roots of the location.

imi-altholz with non-flammable surface

The residence palace of the former duke and eponym of the city Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg still shapes the image of the city of Ludwigsburg like no other. It is therefore not surprising that the shopping center, which was built in the 1970s, will take up the historical roots of the city's history in 2015 after its complete restructuring by the ECE Group. The name "Marstall" refers to the horse stables of Ludwigsburg's palace, which was completed in 1733, and the interior features typical elements and accessories such as bridle, saddle, stable doors and even horse sculptures.
After a tendering process for this project, the Bietigheim-based store fitter Schlegel was awarded the contract to equip the shopping foyer with old wood panelling of fire protection class B1 and oversized stable doors.
Together with the ECE group, the decision was made in favor of the composite panel "imi-altholz" from the market leader for IMITATIONS of customized unique surfaces, H. Schubert from Wettringen.
This lightweight material panel has a particularly authentic structure and is hardly distinguishable from the original, both visually and haptically.
In addition, "imi-altholz" fulfils the required fire protection regulations and, due to its enormous relief depth of up to 6 mm, also reflects in particular the typical and important old-timber character for this project. In total, the shopfitter Schlegel used 400 m2 of "imi-altholz" in the design version dark chopped. In his workshop, Schlegel cut the 3030 x 1200 mm raw formats into 10 cm wide strips to emphasize the distinctive board character in the horse stable.
These prefabricated strips were mounted on a substructure of B1 chipboard and the cut joints were reworked using the "imi-altholz edge set".