Frequently asked questions

Customized colours are possible up from smaller required quantities, nearly according to the RAL specification.

The mineral imi coating is classified as non-flammable A2-s1, according to EN 15824:2009. Flame retardend and non-flammeble boards can be used as special base boards.

The mineral imi composite board usually can be paint with waterborne lacquer. Anticipated tests should be always made.

We recommend our cartouche glue Cosmopur PU, Art. 5788. Ather PU glues need to be tested in advance.

Nearly same like when you process chipboards.

You can use normal hard metal tools for woodworking.

The mineral surface can be wiped slightly damp with neutral cleaner. Abrasive or scuff pads and microfibre are not recommendable.

Several matching ABS edges or the real imi edging with original surface (HPL and CPL) are available. You have to switch off the buffing machine and scraping tool because of the tolerance in thickness of the mineral coating.

For example the 4mm HDF boards can be glued. 20mm MDF boards can be fixed invisible with a notch profile construction.

It is recommendable to use a two-component glue, our Art. 5792. Testing of glue should be always done in advance. Always depending on the mounting suitability.

Installation without a gap is usually not possible.

With our edge set – matching to each product. In some extent you only need the related coating color.
Here you should also check our processing videos.
Processing instructions you can also find as PDF file in our .

Yes! In part bigger damages in the surface can be repared with the matching edge set. Scratches can be repaired by dappling with the patina. However the invisible repare is rarely possible.