All imi-old timber surfaces in detail

Nahaufnahme des Dekors 432 hell gehackt
decor 432light chopped
Nahaufnahme des Dekors 433 hell gehackt
decor 433grey chopped
Nahaufnahme von sonnig rustikal Dekor 435
decor 435sunny rustic
Nahaufnahme des Dekors 437 eiche geplankt
decor 437oak planked

Board in detail

Dekorplatte in Altholzoptik hell gehackt Dekor 432

Board in detail

Dekorplatte in Altholzoptik grau gehackt Dekor 433

Board in detail

Dekorplatte in Altholzoptik sonnig rustikal Dekor 435

Board in detail

Dekorplatte in Altholzoptik eiche geplankt Dekor 437

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Splinter-free old timber design – non-flammable –

imi-old timber is a selection of old timber with very special wood characters. Now available in the well known quality  from the pioneer of imitation boards. 4 different design wood surfaces with a structure of up to 6 mm thick. As always hardly distinguishable from the original. A robust mine-ral coating available with different carrier boards for simple processing and finishing with conventional carpentry tools and machines.
No cleaning, cutting to size or thickness adjustments - immediate processing and finishing of the insect-free boards is possible immediately. Simple use in trade fair and shop construction.

Product Types

For the different areas of application, the imi surface is manufactured in conjunction with the appropriate carrier material.

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Surfaces to touch: Order our samples comfortably and easily with our sample request form. Please understand that this is an exclusive service for architects and design offices. You are fabricator or trader? Then we will forward your sample inquiry to our stock keeping partners close to you. If you are a private or commercial end user, please contact the fabricator or trader you trust.

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