imi-beton facade panel

imi-beton Fassadenpaneel ProduktabbildungThe imi-beton facade panel is a high-quality panel material based on basalt stone. Consisting of a highly compressed rock wool core board and an approx. 1 mm thick, imi-beton mineral coating.


The board material is available in two different versions, each in the thicknesses 8 mm and 10 mm:
• Durable: imi-beton facade panel
• Xtreme: imi-beton facade panel for particularly high demands on mechanical load-bearing capacity.
Formats: 2.480 x 1180 mm and 3.030 x 1180 mm optionally also in the width 1.230 mm

special dimensionsSpecial dimensions: You can also have your panels cut to size. The length can vary depending on the requirements of your project. Our panels are available in any length between 1,680 mm and 3,030 mm and in a width 1,230 mm. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Cutting and procesing: Fast, easy and competent: Our processing service.
• Cutting and edge processing
• Optimum waste optimisation
• Single and serial blanks
• Grooves, chamfers, bevels, curves, etc.
Installation, planning and statics are always carried out on site. imi’s services include the assembly, processing and delivery of panels and accessories. Please note the technical data for imi-beton facade panels.


imi-beton facade panels Durable 8 mm* 10,1 ± 1,2 kg/m2
imi-beton facade panels Durable 10 mm* 12,2 ± 1,5 kg/m2
imi-beton facade panels Xtreme 8 mm* 11,3 ± 0,8 kg/m2
imi-beton facade panels Xtreme 10 mm* 13,7 ± 1,0 kg/m2

*Thickness of the carrier board