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Our team


Peter Schubert


Hans-Georg Brünen

COO-Chief Operation Officer

Monja Droste

Commercial and Sales Manager

André Wiersch

Deputy Sales Manager

Christian Helming-Tibbe

External sales force

Area Sales Manager Northeast Germany

Gerhard Beseler

PLZ 0... bis 3...+ 98... bis 99...

Area Sales Manager Northwest Germany

Dietmar Russ

PLZ 4... bis 6... + 26...

Area Sales Manager Southern Germany, A, CH

Thomas Wittlinger

PLZ D-7... bis D-97...

Internal Sales Department

Sales Assistant

Kathrin Konjer

Order Processing

Tanja Heimann

Order Processing

Aileen Mohring

Order Processing

Dennis Behn

Application Engineering / Calculation / Support

Technical application consultant

Volker Storm

Manager Facade Technology

Frank Degen

Head of Department Objects

Jörg Anthe