Acoustic meets Concrete and Iron

imi application area acoustics

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Microperforated MDF panel with the original imi-surface.

The acoustic panel is, thanks to the specially developed microperforation, an effective sound absorber. It is easy in the further processing and does not require additional mounting frames. This allows a flexible and quick access within the production process. Because of the construction of perforation the acoustic panels are ideal suitable for acoustically effective furniture, wall cladding, room divider or ceiling sails. For hings, handles etc. no special fixation is necessary. Particularly high absorption values will be achieved in almost all frequency ranges.

optimised product performance

Due to its special structure and enormous adaptability, lisocore® has extraordinary properties. Discover unprecedented possibilities with regard to the diverse demands on a modern lightweight construction material.
The unique properties of lisocore® naturally also include the generally known advantages of lightweight construction.