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The high-quality imi-beton mat herringbone surface impresses with its unmistakable look and feel, which is in every way inferior to the standard concrete look. Inspired by the typical herringbone look, this pattern offers a timeless elegance for the floor area and is also ideal as a tile backsplash in the wall area.

Thanks to its durability, the imi-beton mat herringbone is a sustainable solution for individual room concepts.

Based on the proven imi-beton mat, this product is a flexible floor covering that meets the highest standards of sustainability and environmental compatibility. Manufactured from predominantly natural and renewable raw materials, free from harmful chemicals such as chlorine, plasticisers or solvents, imi-beton mat herringbone offers an environmentally friendly alternative for modern construction projects.

product variants

The imi-beton mat herringbone is available in two different sizes: large format with a 90-degree angle and dimensions of 600 x 120 mm and a smaller 90-degree angle with dimensions of 180 x 36 mm. This selection enables flexible adaptation to different room concepts and design ideas. The panel size is 788 x 800 mm for the smaller version and 934 x 932 mm for the larger version.



The installation of the imi-beton mat herringbone is extremely uncomplicated: By using a conventional 1-component adhesive, the panels can be installed effortlessly. The practical size of the individual panels and the skilful chamfering allow a seamless transition from one panel to the next, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance. An additional advantage is that the herringbone pattern is laid out on a large-format panel. This means that several bones can be placed at the same time, saving time and effort.


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