Our applications

Concrete, rust, old wood, metal and asphalt for direct processing by the carpenter.

These material boards with surfaces that can be barely differentiated from the original are to be processed with conventional carpentry tools. The imi materials are particularly suitable for trade fair and shop construction, as well as for the demanding object and private area. Where the original construction materials cannot be used, or only with great effort, we offer solutions for distinctive looks and many versions.

Outdoor Furniture
Wasserspeier aus imi-beton outdoor

Waterproof design for all types of use with water contact.

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 Ein Haus mit imi-beton Fassadenpaneel vintage Verkleidung

The imi-beton facade panel with the original concrete look and feel.

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Mat - wall / floor
imi-beton vintage im Ladenbau und an der Wand

Elastic wall and floor covering. Fast, simple and clean processing.

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imi-rost glatt als Akustikvariante als Trennwand

Micro-perforated MDF panels with the original imi surface.

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Plus - worktop / table top
Ein Badezimmer mit imi-plus

Visually appealing options for counters and work surfaces with a 3D depth effect.

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Special Solution
imi-beton Glattschalung grau Einpressung

Embossing, special colors, special solutions, B1 core material.

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Panel - furniture construction
Thekenelemente und Wandverkleidung aus imi-beton glattschlaung grau

The right panel for every application, whether MDF, HDF and HPL for furniture construction.

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