Organic concrete mat for ecological living and working

imi-beton mat

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The imi-beton mat meets the highest standards of sustainability and environmental compatibility. It consists mainly of natural and renewable materials without the addition of chlorine, plasticizers, solvents or other substances of concern.

Perfect look and feel

The imi-beton mat, impresses with its original concrete look and feel, is extremely hard-wearing and durable, yet still flexible.

Simple processing

The imi-beton mat for walls, ceilings and floors. To be glued with 1-component glue. Large format or in plank or tile format. With 4-sided chamfer or sharp-edged. The right accessories offer solutions for all applications. We will be happy to advise you on all possible applications and customisation.


  • Applicable for floor, wall and ceiling
  • Processing and assembly: simple, clean, fast
  • Bonding with 1-component glue
  • Cutting with a cutter knife
  • Subsequent floor sealing possible
  • Organic concrete mat made of mostly renewable materials, without any harmful additives
  • Large formats up to 2,600 x 1,000 mm
  • Dimensionally stable material
  • With and without chamfer: authentic concrete look!
imi-beton mat Profile outside corner
imi-beton mat Profile inside corner

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Surfaces to touch: Order our samples comfortably and easily with our sample request form. Please understand that this is an exclusive service for architects and design offices. You are fabricator or trader? Then we will forward your sample inquiry to our stock keeping partners close to you. If you are a private or commercial end user, please contact the fabricator or trader you trust.

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imi-beton mat

Available in small format (1.000 x 500 mm) and large format (2.600 x 1.000 mm).


Decor-no. DescriptionArticle no.Thickness in mmWeight per m2Dimensions in mm
224 imi-beton mat vintage (sharp-edged)MVG 10033ca. 5,4 kg2.600 x 1.000
224 imi-beton mat vintage (4-sided chamfer)MVG 10733ca. 5,4 kg2.600 x 1.000
224 imi-beton mat vintage (4-sided chamfer)MVG 12733ca. 5,4 kg1.000 x 500
226 imi-beton mat vintage anthracite (sharp-edged)MVG 20033ca. 5,4 kg2.600 x 1.000
329 imi-rost mat (sharp-edged)MRG 10033ca. 5,4 kg2.600 x 1.000
341 imi-rost precious rust mat (sharp-edged)MER 10034ca. 5,8 kg2.600 x 1.000
621 imi-asphalt mat (sharp-edged)MA 10034ca. 5,8 kg2.600 x 1.000


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