imi-rost deep

imi-rost in the “deep” version provides a smooth rusted metal look with a characteristic depth.

imi rost tief
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Specifically in contrast with other surfaces such as imi-beton or wood it leads to extraordinary worlds of colour and structure that will fascinate you.

With its special properties, the metal imitation is much more flexible and easier to use than true iron.
imi-rost deep is slightly magnetic due to its real-metal iron layer and can be processed with conventional carpentry machines.
The product is ecologically harmless and can be recycled.

The standard board of 20 mm comprises of a 19 mm MDF-carrier board with a white, smooth melamine coating on the reverse.
The standard board 4 mm comprises of a 3 mm HDF-carrier board painted white on the reverse.


2.600 x 1.010 mm 3.030 x 1.200 mm 3.400 x 1.300 mm



Decor-no. / Article-no.
Thickness in mm
Weight per sqm
Dimensions in mm
330 / RT 1020 20 ca. 16 kg 2.600 x 1.010
330 / RT 1320 20 ca. 16 kg 3.030 x 1.200
330 / RT 1420 20 ca. 16 kg 3.400 x 1.300
330 / RT 1004 4 ca. 4,5 kg 2.600 x 1.010
330 / RT 1304 4 ca. 4,5 kg 3.030 x 1.200


Flex – the flexible rust surface on HPL.

Outdoor – our rust surface for the outdoor area.

B1 – core boards in B1 version