imi-beton brick

imi-beton with the “brick white” surface is ideal for decorative use of large areas …

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…or to set little details. It convinces by its simple natural appearance in combination with colour accents.

The standard board of 23 mm comprises of a 19 mm MDF-carrier board with a white, smooth melamine coating on the reverse.


1. Dimension
2. Dimension
width x height 2750 x 620 mm
Head ends with interlock and grooves on the long sides.
Brick alignment transverse.
width x height 620 x 2750 mm
Without interlock and grooves.
Alignment transverse for column elements.



Decor-no. / Article-no. Thickness in mm
Weight per sqm
Dimension in mm
128 / KL 3000 (with interlock) 23 ca. 19,3 kg 2.750 x 620
128 / KL 3500 (for column elements) 23 ca. 19,3 kg 620 x 2.750


B1 – core boards in B1 version