Interior - Shopfitting - Trade fair construction

Original surfaces in concrete, rust, old wood or stone look for the carpenter:

All imi products aim to come as close as possible to the original. A large number of original replicas have already been created.

Original materials - with an authentic look and feel. Mineral, through-dyed materials with 3D depth structures, in the case of metal decors with real metal particles in the surface.

The different concrete and rust characteristics have no unwinding - every square metre is unique. A uniform appearance is guaranteed, even with large quantities.

Eine Ausstellungsfläche in imi-beton Glattschalung anthrazit
Fair flooring
imi-beton Glattschalung grau als Schubladenverkleidung
verschiedene Elemente aus imi-rost glatt und altholz grau gehackt
Altholz/ Rust
imi-rost Raute und Glatt im Ladenbau

The right carrier plate for every application.

Whether MDF, HDF and HPL for furniture construction, or as flexible wall and floor covering, imi has the right composite material and the right accessories for your application. Large format boards up to 3400 x 1300 mm.

Other carrier materials for special requirements as well as individual finishing, special colours and logo imprints are also possible. Let your imagination run free, we will be happy to advise you about all the possibilities.

imi-altholz grau gehackt in einem Geschäft eingesetzt
 imi-beton Fassade vintage standard in einem Messestand
imi-beton Matte vintage standard auf dem Boden in einer Messehalle verlegt
imi-beton Brettschalung als Wandverkleidung und ein Tisch aus Glattschahlung grau
imi-beton Glattschalung grau im Ladenbau
Eine Ausstellungsfläche in imi-beton Glattschalung anthrazit
imi-rost Raute und Glatt im Ladenbau