A worktop with a concrete look?

This sounds cold and uncomfortable at first. But concrete-quality surfaces are not always just gray, bleak and cold, they create a very exclusive and - depending on the color scheme - pleasant room atmosphere in kitchens or offices.

Not only in public areas such as shopping galleries, office buildings and sports facilities are imitation concrete surfaces an excellent design element, which is not least characterized by its decorative properties. Concrete surfaces are also extremely well suited for worktops in kitchens or offices. A worktop with a concrete-quality surface is not just a grey block with concrete imitations, the range of design possibilities for worktops is even wider than for wood or metal alone.

And you don't even have to process real concrete into a worktop, which is costly and time-consuming. Concrete imitations are the clever alternative to real concrete! They are made of a flexible mineral hydromass with natural marble sand, which is applied to an MDF board. The modern composite material looks like concrete, feels like concrete - but is much lighter than concrete and easier to process, especially for kitchen worktops.

Since imitation concrete allows almost all possible forms of design, worktops with imitation concrete surfaces can be produced according to individual design ideas and are therefore always unique. And concrete imitations are not equal to concrete imitations! For the production of worktops with surfaces in concrete quality, different color designs are available. Concrete imitation surfaces of worktops are also extremely durable and resistant due to resin coating. Especially in kitchens, where the preparation of food should take place on a worktop that is easy to keep clean, a worktop with a concrete quality surface offers outstanding properties.

For the installation of a worktop in imitation concrete special preparations are not necessary.

The concrete imitation worktop can be processed like a conventional worktop, i.e. the required cut-outs for sinks, taps, ventilation slots are sawn out with standard tools. Concrete worktop: The imitation concrete worktop can be used immediately after installation.

Concrete imitation worktops always look new and do not get a patina over time, neither by water nor by touch. Concrete-quality worktops can also come into contact with acidic substances such as vinegar and still won’t be damaged.

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Worktop concrete: Other furniture in concrete design is also possible.

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