Floor boards with concrete, precious rust or asphalt look.

imi beton bodenplatte aufbauimi provides suitable solutions for different requirements with its floor boards. Large-sized boards with circumferential slot up to 3.400 x 1.300 mm. Water-resilient or standard MDF. With or without impact sound insulation. Firmly glued together or reversible with screwed T-spring.
Exclusive surface design with high value of benefit. Natural surface by high-quality materials. High moisture-resistant PU recycling coreboard with good insulation properties. Sound-Protect-Eco system: if required it is available with the proven insulation mat made of 93 % environmentally compatible filling materials, not detrimental to health with 100 % return behaviour and highest pressure stability, perfect space acoustics and improved values for stepping sound and noise reduction. Ideal renovations floor for the private and commercial area. Comfortable foot heat – energy-saving insulation features. Simple cleaning and care. Water-resistant – suitable for all applications.
doppelboden einfache werkzeuglose montageEven as a double floor system (standard format 1 x 1 m – other Formats are also possible).
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on PUR on MDF
up to 2.400 mm x 1.200 mm up to 2.600 mm x 1.010 mm 3.400 x 1.300 mm