imi-beton - patented composite material

Headquartered in Wettringen, Klein-Haddorf, since 1947, the company has consistently developed into a special operation for objects, furnishings and furniture. Modern machinery and the correspondingly trained specialists warrant timely performance with high craftsmanship.
In 2000, the company first presented a new innovative coating procedure for surfaces: imi-beton. Over the course of the years, the patented procedure was developed further and the product range increased. Since 2007, unique versions of imi Products have been produced every day in the Bilk production site, securely packed and arranged for shipping around the globe.

imi products have diverse uses:
High-quality object developments and extraordinary living ideas are produced in close cooperation with planners and architects. imi-products are found in trade fair and shop construction, in kitchens and bathrooms, hotels and restaurants and everywhere where quality and innovation create a new living feeling. imi-beton is in high demand in ship construction or for gardens and parks as well, since it is a resilient light-weight composite material. From small details such as profiles or logos, to complete facades, imi-beton characterises the distinctive look of every object. High-quality one-of-a-kind pieces in the furniture area set visual accents and add a perfect harmony to every overall concept.

Sketches, 3D-illustrations, material and colour patterns enable any architect and planner to plan his dream to the latest detail and then have it performed precisely.

H. Schubert GmbH offers qualified services from consulting to concept to perfect craftsmanship as a modern medium-sized business.

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1947 Founding of the carpentry H. Schubert

historie 1947Silesian founder Hermann Schubert established a carpentry at today's site in Klein Haddorf in 1947, initially focusing mostly on the production of high-quality kitchens for commercial use, school kitchens and private households. Current owner Peter Schubert's grandfather was already producing his own boards at the time. A suitable press was set up in the workshop soon after the war.


1982 Transfer of the operation to Siegfried Schubert

Siegfried SchubertIn the early 1980s, the industry entered kitchen production on a large scale, displacing many crafts operations from their traditional field. Siegfried Schubert set the tracks soon enough towards high-quality interior design, own furniture production and supply for other carpentries. Even then, new machines adjusted to the indicating demands were used. Computers and CNC systems were established in production early on. The share of own assembly dropped, but the quality of the orders increased continually.

2000 Development of the "imi-beton" product

Peter SchubertThe customer needs for setting up a store at the Düsseldorf Kö triggered the development of "imi-beton". What was needed was a material with the appearance of concrete that could be processed with conventional carpentry tools. Since there were no such products at the time, Peter Schubert decided to develop the material he needed on his own. Peter Schubert thus added new fuel to the old family tradition of own board production. In 2003, Schubert's "imi-beton" won the "Interzum Award" for high product quality.

2007 New construction of the production site at the Bilk location

Standort Bilk Gruppenbild 2007The initial production with simple mixers and a single board formwork look has now turned into a complete production site that draws attention with its state-of-the-art machines and various innovative further developments. In addition to the further development of the concrete surfaces with the exposed concrete version imi-beton smooth formwork, the product range now also includes imi-rost and imi-altholz.
Product versions for many different applications complete the offer: imi-plus, the sealed surface for kitchen and bathroom, or imi-outdoor for outdoor objects. There is more to these boards than corners and edges: imi-flex also offers bevels and curves, and even floorings can be refined with imi-beton perfectly.

2011 Development of a sales network with trade partners

imi beton weltComposite boards with designed surfaces from carpenters for carpenters. In 2011, H. Schubert GmbH established a comprehensive network of sales partners in Germany. imi-materials are in stock in approx. 40 sites. Carpenters can now be advised by their specialist dealer and also supply smaller projects right from the warehouse.
This dealer concept was implemented for the adjacent European countries in the following years, and slowly developed to global scale by now. Try finding the dealer near you: Dealer search.

2015 Expansion of the production area to 8000 sqm

imi Standort Bilk Halle1 3Demand for innovative materials for high-quality interior design and in particular for trade fair and store design is increasing continually. This also includes demand for imi-materials. After the 2nd hall was built in 2011 to expand production capacities, H. Schubert GmbH "expanded" again in 2015 to enlarge its production area to approx. 8000 sqm. Development of a special export board for shipping to overseas locations was "imi"'s recent reaction to the increasing demand from the American and Asian area. Peter Schubert and his "imi-team" continue to prepare for the future with continuous development of new surfaces and product versions. The continually growing team always keeps an eye on the latest industry developmetns. Find your contacts here.